Nature Curriculum: Caterpillars

The first two weeks in May in our nature curriculum are dedicated to Caterpillars. This is so exciting for us because a few days ago we purchased our very first butterfly garden complete with 5 live baby caterpillars. They are indeed very hungry caterpillars because they spent the first week just eating, eating and more eating. The whole experience is fascinating to watch and something I think every child should experience.

We are keeping a butterfly journal so we can closely monitor these beautiful creatures. Neiva has even given them names. Say hello to Leo, Betty, Corbie, Arthur and George. Unlike the tadpoles from our previous months that are more slow growers, caterpillars literally grow right before your eyes. We also studied the life cycle of a butterfly and no-one is ever too old to reread the classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Our reading book for the week was the very simple worded and informative book From Caterpillar to Butterfly. Each day the children in the classroom watch in amazement as the caterpillar eats and grows, shedding its skin several times, until it disappears inside a shell that it creates for itself. For a long time nothing seems to be happening. But one day the chrysalis breaks open, and a beautiful Painted Lady butterfly flies out of the jar. We also looked at the beautiful illustrations in the book A Butterfly Is Patient

For poetry reading we looked at two very short pieces of poetry. One aptly named Cabbage Bite by Geoffrey Summerfield and the other by NC Wickramasinghe simply titled Butterflies. Both pieces can be found our very well used book I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree, a nature poem for every day of the year.

Do check in with us in a weeks time for our week dedicated to butterflies where hopefully we have documented successfully the transformation of our caterpillars to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

Next week…..Ants!


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