Five Days In Beautiful Anglesey…. (and a Vlog)

We first visited this beautiful island when Neiva had just turned two and fell in love instantly! We’ve holidayed here in full glorious sunshine and in the gloomy British rain and we’ve honestly loved both contrasts in equal measure. Anglesey is the perfect setting for our nature wandering, outdoor loving girl. We’ve been making regular visits ever since. I hope she looks back in years to come and remembers fondly her childhood holidays here.

For our adventures this time, we stayed slightly inland (although never more than a short drive away from a beach) in a beautiful unspoiled quirky two bedroomed cottage. It was absolutely perfect.

After a particularly heavy rainfall overnight, the weather had brightened up enough the following morning to venture out. We decided to take a trip to RSPB South Stack Lighthouse. The views are spectacular.

The coastal walk is not for the faint hearted and we held onto Neiva tightly as we walked the short distance to the look out. Once we had taken in the glorious scenery we headed back to the visitor centre for some lunch.

On the way back to the cottage we stopped at the beach at Red Wharf Bay. The tide was out and all that remained were large crater like puddles which suited Neiva perfectly. She leapt from pool to pool excitedly and we were happy to let her run around after keeping her on a tight leash earlier at the lighthouse. I don’t think I’ve ever held her hand so tightly!

After a quick change of clothes for Neiva who was absolutely soaking wet from her puddle jumping adventures, we stopped for tea and cake at the very charming Old Boat House Cafe nearby after Neiva had spotted the icecream cart outside. The sun was now shining brightly and it was a beautiful end to our day.

The next morning the sun was shining so we made the short drive to Traeth Bychan, a small secluded sandy bay a ten minute drive from our cottage. It was so quiet and peaceful. Neiva adores the sea, so she was in her absolute element chasing waves.

By lunchtime the warm sun had disappeared behind the clouds so we decided to head back. On the way home we stopped at Beaumaris.

Beau’s Tea Shop is a delightful tea room set in a 400 year old cottage with a choice of over 25 different types of tea! The room was filled with the most delicate China tea sets and the most beautiful and rather large cakes made by a local lady in the village. Paul took Neiva to the park overlooking the nearby castle whilst my mother in law and I (we have a shared love of tea rooms) enjoyed a rare afternoon treat.

The next day Paul had some work to catch up on so left in search of a coffee shop and wifi. We stayed behind and enjoyed a lazy morning at the cottage. He returned at lunchtime which gave us the afternoon to explore some more.

The weather had taken a slightly downward turn from the wonderful sunshine we’d enjoyed the day before. It was cloudy but dry so we headed back towards the Menai Bridge to Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens. This for me was the highlight of our holiday. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

We were totally captivated by the beauty and tranquillity of this place. From the cottage garden to the 39 steps, the beautiful waterfall to the lower valley gardens, it is such a wonderful hidden find and an amazing sensory experience for children.

​​We will be returning to Anglesey before the end of summer. We have so many plans for our next visit and so many more memories to make.


  • Our cottage and the beautiful secret garden door
  • The secluded beach at Traeth Bychan
  • Beau’s Tea Shop
  • The icecream hut at The Old Boat House Cafe
  • Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens

Vlog #1: Song: True North (Jillette Johnson)


720p from leanne beardsley on Vimeo.