One Year With Enid

Exactly a year ago today we brought our beloved therapy cat Enid home. Enid is a beautiful, gentle, caring and loyal Maine Coon cat. She really is Neiva’s best friend. We’ve had a wonderful first year with her, she’s grown so big!

I’ve previously written in more detail here just how special Enid is and how she came to be part of our little family. We cannot imagine life without her.

Enid is with us thanks to reading the amazing story of a talented little girl named Iris Grace who formed a beautiful friendship with her Maine Coon cat named Thula. Her story is wonderful and inspiring and a very emotional read. We are indebted to Iris Grace and her family for sharing their story. Without them, we would not have our beautiful Enid.

From the day we brought her home, Enid rarely leaves Neiva’s side and follows her around constantly. Neiva struggles with social conversation in every day life but when she is with Enid she talks non stop to her. Enid faithfully listens to her endless chatter and singing.

They both share a love of water and Enid is a regular bath companion to Neiva. She is totally unfazed by Neiva’s exuberant splashing and sits perched on the side of the bath watching and playing. In fact one of her favourite places to relax is our bathroom sink. The tap has a slight drip and she’ll position herself right under, letting the water run down her nose. She’ll happily sit there for hours.

Enid is extremely affectionate. She likes to be where people are. She has a beautiful chirp when she is happy and purrs readily. When Neiva is at school or if the house is empty, we’ll regularly come back to see she has picked up Neiva’s bedtime toy Foxy, dragged him downstairs and is laid asleep on him. I’m sure that’s her way of telling us she misses her friend.

Enid has an interesting fascination with bottle tops. Her favourite game is to play fetch (like a dog) drop the bottle top directly into our hand and make us throw it again. It has become her party piece, one she relishes in performing.

Neiva has this beautiful habit of tenderly holding my chin if she wants to get my attention and will gently hold it there whilst she tries to formulate her request into words. Enid too has a similar gentle habit. Every morning, she’ll come into our bedroom, hop onto the bedside table and gently tap my cheek with her paw to wake me for food. She really is a lovely natured little being.

In honour of our beloved Enid, I have put together a vlog of her first year with us. The song is very special and dear to my heart as it reminds me so much of Neiva. Whenever I’ve had a particularly stressful day I’ll play this song to remind me just how special she is and how I love to be her mummy.

I hope you enjoy it.


  • For more on the story of Iris Grace please click here.
  • For more information on hyperlexia please click here.
  • The black and white featured picture of Enid was taken by Mark Kaye, a photographer and family friend.


Song: All About Your Heart – Mindy Gledhill

One Year With Enid…. from L E A N N E on Vimeo.