Hello There

Neiva is our beautiful miracle girl, the result of almost a decade of infertility issues, devastating miscarriages and three emotionally and physically draining rounds of IVF, the last and successful of which used a technique called PGD. When she was born in 2011 she completed our life.

At around two years old Paul and I started to notice she rarely made eye contact and didnt really converse with us (other than when she was singing) We put it down to her being a quiet gentle child. When she started nursery at three, after a number of unsettled months, her teachers raised the concern that Neiva was displaying some signs of being on the autism spectrum.

There are always flowers for those that want to see them – Henri Matisse

As she was still so young and not wanting to rush into a premature diagnosis, we wanted to give her time to grow at her own pace. Her nursery teachers were extremely supportive and gave her one on one support and made her school environment a happy and secure place for her. She quickly settled into the routine of nursery and started to make great progress. With use of the PECS system, she was able to communicate with her teachers and we began to see the personality of a beautiful kind and gifted little girl.

Neiva is now five and has a near photographic memory. She will watch or see something once and will repeat what comes next or where we are (remind me to tell you the circus story) and because of her awesome memory she also taught herself to read at age three. She also has a particular gift for numbers, shapes and colours. The downside to these extraordinary abilities are her personal and social development. She will rarely initiate a conversation, she struggles when there is any change in her routine and cannot articulate her emotions which result in her taking herself away to any quiet corner and wanting to be left alone.

Neiva fits all the characteristics of condition known as Hyperlexia also known as “little Einstein syndrome” (I love this!). We still have a long way to go in terms of her social skills and speech but we are confident that with her ability, her therapies, and the love of family and friends she will navigate her way through this world successfully and with every support we can give her. We are blessed to know and love her, she teaches us so much.

Perhaps there is a language which is not made of words and everything in the world understands it.”
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

This blog is a diary of our journey and will feature posts, in addition to speech and language therapy, on different holistic therapies such as

  • bioresonance,
  • bach flower remedies,
  • aromatherapy (I am a qualified aromatherapist)
  • gluten and dairy free child friendly recipes

I hope you enjoy reading our journey and hope we can be of support and encouragement to any parent taking the same road. Please take a look at my Instagram gallery where you will usually find me with a cup of tea in hand (almost always outside) with my nature loving girl.

L x