“WH” Question Training…

It is common among children with hyperlexia that they particularly struggle to answer the “wh” questions; what, where, why, when and who.

With Neiva, in every day speech we use statements rather than questions. This is fine for the meantime as it enables her to communicate her needs to us but obviously she does need to be taught to understand this particular area for her long term development.

In the same way other children need to learn to read and write, Neiva has to be taught to understand and respond to “wh” questions.

I downloaded 100 “WH” question flip cards by TeachersPayTeachers and printed them onto card. I then made a green “correct” coin for Neiva to place over the right answer and of course being a superstar reader, she read the questions beautifully.

The only downside I can see to this is that I will have to find new questions sooner rather than later, as she will quickly memorise the answers.

Nevertheless, it made for an interesting afternoon activity and if we have a little practice everyday I feel we will see major improvements in her comprehension of what “wh” questions are and how to incorporate them into daily life.

Neiva does have iPad apps that do the same thing,  however I wanted to take some time away from the iPad as it can be very isolating for her. This way it felt more like teamwork between the two of us, which only adds to improving her social skills.


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