What Is Hyperlexia (video)


HYPER (hy-per) pref: over, beyond
LEXIA (lex-see-ah) suffix: Greek: “word” Latin: “to read”

We are excited to share a wonderful video all about hyperlexia featuring our very own fearless little girl. Given that the main characteristic of hyperlexia is an “above normal” ability to read, it seemed only fitting that the narrative is beautifully read by the children themselves.

For such a long time we felt lost. We watched how Neiva struggled to find her place amongst neurotypical children. On the other hand, the autism spectrum is a very broad place to inhabit and navigate through and she struggled to find her place there too.

However, within her hyperlexia community, Neiva has found a home and we have found a group of like minded parents who just “get” certain traits and quirks in behaviour unique to hyperlexia. Unique ways to communicate, to reach and to teach which only a child with this diagnosis can respond to and relate. We are forever grateful to have found this place. It provides an unending source of help, advice and mostly “wow my child does that too” moments!

Why this video? As previously mentioned children with hyperlexia are unique in that they can (and are) communicating through this incredible self taught reading ability.

Regular speech and language therapy does not include using the written word as a form of therapy and is discounted because typically a child of two years old cannot read. But as you will see, these children are not typical and therefore need a different approach to not only speech and language therapy but also with their educational needs.

The key is to base their therapies and learning around their incredble reading ability and intense interests; letters, numbers, maps and patterns and this is the message the video is highlighting.

So, for the answer to the question “what is hyperlexia?” please watch the video below and find out.
Credit: Video: “What Is Hyperlexia” by Jody Parmann/Hyperlexia Parents Network

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